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Video surveillance cameras are anywhere and everywhere… so you don’t have to be. And today’s cameras can offer you a higher resolution so you don’t miss a thing.

We work closely with security specialists to determine the right installation and camera placement, and we can install your state-of-the-art system that enhances security for your business, or other facility.

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Benefits of Using Touchtel for Video Surveillance Installation

Touchtel’s installation approach includes:

  • Preparation Phase
  • Installation Phase
  • Operation and Optimization Phase

In Preparing and Design Phase, the security consultant will determine and validate the solutions that are appropriate for your business. Based on site conditions, modifications may be addressed and discussed to deliver you the best solution. We will note any necessary parts numbers and any extra hardware that will be needed.

During the Implementation Phase, Touchtel will install the new video surveillance system into the customer’s network, guaranteeing it is incorporated without disrupting the network or creating points of susceptibility. The execution phase includes a Project Planning cycle, client kick-off meetings, equipment staging, implementation, testing, final sign-offs, and system as-built documentation.

During the Operation and Optimization phase, Touchtel will make sure that the new video surveillance system is operating successfully and is highly available. All cameras are labeled for easy identification.

Installing your Video Surveillance System

With technology constantly evolving and becoming more inter-connected, users can monitor and control video security cameras with precision and flexibility. Our video surveillance installers have the industry training and job experience to install your cameras for greater security and productivity and give you the control you need to protect your business.

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