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Touchtel works hand in hand with the best Building Maintenance and Energy Control companies in the world to provide the NY Metro area the most efficient Building Management System possible. From schools and hospitals, to retail stores and high-rise buildings, Touchtel’s state of the art installation abilities will exceed any expectations. With the help from our integrator’s equipment we will provide an accurate and operable cabling system to satisfy any client’s temperature control and building automation needs.

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Advantages of Using Touchtel for CONTROL Wiring/BMS Systems

Touchtel offers state of the art installation of (BMS) controls for every type of sector including schools, commercial, pharmaceutical, retail industry, hospitals, and hotels.

Touchtel provides a complete range of BMS solutions consisting of the integration , maintenance and servicing of various types of system configurations for a broad range of industries. We work with BMS integrators on Integrated Building Services Control System (IBSCS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS) guaranteeing a highly efficient installation working at its optimum, decreasing Carbon emissions and energy costs for a sustainable future.

& Services

  • LonWorks/LonTalk/BacNet Communication network installations for BMS/ATC Control
  • Air Conditioning, Exhaust System, Water Systems, Boiler controls
  • CO2 Monitoring & Gas Detection Systems

Making Complex Systems Simple For You

  • Technological advances have made it possible for systems that were once operated independently to now be integrated and unified throughout a building or complex.
  • Touchtel’s staff is highly trained and specializes in BMS to perform electrical installation work to meet any integrators services.
  • Cable and device installation will be neat, clean and above the standard to maintain any and all of the buildings systems.

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